FEBRUARY 1 thru 28th, 2018
What is the 28 Day Evolution Challenge?  
A free online challenges to complete 28 minutes of intentional movement for 28 consecutive days during the month of February (2018) to take steps to reclaim their health and wellbeing.
Is this challenge for men or women?
BOTH - Women will join Mubarakah's group and men will join Ismail's team.
What does it require?
Commit to doing 28 minutes of  intentional movement for 28 consecutive days during the month of February (2018).
What is intentional movement?
  • Walking
  •  Running
  •  Hiking
  •  Biking
  •  Fitness Class
  •  Weight Training
  •  Playing soccer
  •  Basketball
  •  Football
  •  Dancing
  •  You get the picture ...
What if I do more than 28 minute? 
YEAH! You are a rock star!
Can I do an hour 5 days a week instead?
The goal of the challenge is for you to make movement a daily habit so we challenge you to do 28 consecutive days.
Is there a diet plan with the challenge?
For people who sign up you'll get Mubarakah's SUGAR REHAB plan with a list of food to eat and what to avoid during this time.
Do I have to follow the SUGAR REHAB diet plan while doing the challenge?
 No, the diet plan is just an extra perk of joining the challenge.  Of course if you want to use this as an opportunity to make bigger changes in your health and weight we recommend you choose healthful foods and ideally find a healthy meal plan to follow.
Why is this a movement challenge instead of a food challenge? 
All research shows that movement is a "snowball" habit.  When people add intentional movement to their lives they automatically begin to make improvements in other things.  Changing food choices does not have the same effect. So by moving we are confident that other healthy habits will follow.
Do I have to sign up to join?
No, anyone can join.  Simply make the commit and get moving. If you have social media then use the hashtag #28DayEvolution so other participants can cheer you on
What do I get if I sign up?
  • Download the Sugar Rehab Plan
  •  Access to our women's only facebook group community
  •  Support from women just like you
  •  How do I sign up? Just enter your name and email in the form below and you'll be taken to a page for access to our group and to download your SUGAR REHAB Plan.
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