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This BRAND NEW course, exclusively geared towards MUSLIM WOMEN
is completely redesigned to give Muslim Women the confidence to live Islam outload, and persue their dreams with confidence.
Assalmaulaikum My Beautiful Muslimah
Tell Me What's Holding You Back? ...
Is lack of self-confidence stopping you from maximizing your potential?
Without confidence in yourself, you will find it more difficult to accomplish your goals and have the life you want. The lack of confidence in yourself can really harm important areas of your life, including …
  • Stopping you from realizing your dreams.
  •  Creating stress in your family life.
  •  Sabotaging a successful career.
  •  Preventing Success in business.
  • Stopping you from deepening your spiritual connection with Allah
You don't have to continue stumbling along with low self-confidence. You
can change the scene by raising your confidence and attaining success in
every area of your life, bi'ithnillah (With the permission of Allah)
Imagine your life when you...
  • Fully trust yourself
  •  Consistently achieve your goals
  •  Respect yourself
  •  Create more meaningful relationships with those you love
  •  Deepen your spiritual connection with Allah
Here's what you will discover:
Learn my powerful step-by-step system to overcome your low self-esteem for good. I've deleveloped this course to give you the lasting self-confidence you've always wanted.  Practical tools to banish your fears, embrace change and live at your full potential.
Eliminate Self Doubt And Be The Best You!
This 6-week course will teach you my step-by-step technique for overcoming your low self-esteem. Learn my confidence blueprint to build a new sense of identity-based on your authentic, confident self.
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Here's What You Will Discover...
  • Learn to identify the thoughts that are sabotaging you and how to deal with them.
  • Learn what confidence is and, crucially, what it isn’t.
  • Create a blueprint for your life based on your authentic dreams and desires.
  • Gain practical strategies to build your confidence like a muscle, every day.
  • Truly take responsibility for your actions and emotions.
Here's What's Included
Every week for 6 weeks you will get access to a new module with a video, worksheets, confidence activity and resources that will guide you through the steps you need to take to reassess and restore your sense of self.  Here are some of the areas you will master.

The Foundation

Explore the emotional blocks from past experiences that may be the source of your low self-esteem and identify how to begin to change the narrative.

Confident Muslimah

Explore the Islamic perspective and examples from Quran and Sunnah that both exemplify confidence and direct us how to attain both reliance on Allah and self-determination.


Create a healthy and strong mindset and feel the incredible power within you.  Build confidence to new levels that accelerate you to be an unstoppable force.

Body Language

Knowing 80% of communication is body language retrain your brain to both embody confidence and display confidence in everyday interactions.

Living according to your values 

Be yourself and be happy with the person you are. We will explore what Matters to you as we develop your self-esteem.

Change and Choices

Become the self-assured person you want to be by aligning yourself with your envirnement, behavior, skills and values.
Meet Your Coach
Mubarakah Ibrahim is a an internationally renowned health and fitness expert who first came into the wellness industry to help Muslim women live healthier, happier lives with her foundational  philosophy that"Physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is intertwined.  The weakness of one weakens them all and the strengthening of one strengthens them all."

It is with this philosophy she has has inspired women all over the world through her  appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show "30 something in America", being honored by President Obama for her contribution to health and wellness in America and her online influence with nearly a half-million followers across social media.  

Mubarakah holds over 13 Fitness and Nutrition Certification and an Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, Public Health and Psychology.
Why This Course
Because confidence is a learned skill. You can have the best intentions, but without the correct habits in place, it’s always going to feel like an uphill battle.

The most confident women prioritize the development of their mindset, body, and spirit as an essential part of their personal growth and fulfillment in life.

I also wanted to make this mentorship available to everyone. That's why I made it a virtual community that anyone can join from anywhere in the world. You will always have access to the resources and our community. 

In the Shine Confidence Course, you become a part of a positive community of like-minded Muslim women who lift each other up.
  • Live with greater freedom and much less worry
  • Be completely authentic; absolutely true to yourself in any situation, whether that’s at work, at home, on a date, at your school reunion, or planning for the future of your dreams
  • Develop the confidence and clarity to go after what you really want
  • Deepen your connection with Allah so you can feel fufilled spiritually.
Confidence is NOT the exclusive birthright of a privileged few – it’s yours for the taking if you know how to find it. If you’ve tried some quick fixes to make yourself feel better but low confidence has returned leaving you feeling disheartened and frustrated, then it’s time for a more permanent solution.
For a Limited Time Only 
One Time Payment
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