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What You Can Expect From Coaching With Mubarakah
Personal nutrition coaching to get in the best shape of your life.

  • Drastically decrease the time it takes to get fit, feel healthy, or build your dream body using research tested and real-world proven techniques…
  • Completely eliminate the confusion that comes with nearly any other program. I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it…
  • Lose weight even if you have tried everything else with a program guaranteed to boost your metabolism and shed stubborn fat…
  • Get off the “weight loss roller coaster” diets that might work for the short term but end up failing because you’ve starved yourself…
  • And make fitness work around even the busiest of schedules so you can have a life, a career, and take care of your family and still be fit!
Your Coaching Program Comes With ...

Menu and Meal Plan

I’ll take your complex nutritional goals and break them down into small, strategic daily practices that add up to massive transformation. Through the program, you’ll gain the habits and tools you need to make your results last a lifetime.

Exercise programs you can do anywhere.

Gym membership? Rather workout at home? Travel much? Whatever your situation and skill level, our expertly-designed training programs will fit into your life, no matter how much (or how little) time you have.

Mindset Motivation

Creating proper mindset based on both physical and spiritual goals is essential to long term success. Get a monthly message to keep you focused and on track

Success Tracking

Stay on track and moving toward your goals with the integrated food and exercise success journal & macronutrient planner designed to help you lose weight, get fit, and stay fit.

Supportive Community

Achieving lasting change is tough to do alone. That’s why you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a group of peers who are on the same journey as you.

Access To Me

I will be there for you every step of the way! Along with my full support in our private VIP Facebook group and LIVE members only video chats. I am so excited to be right there with you while you do the same - let’s do this!!
“I’ve devoted the last 20 years to making health and fitness something that’s achievable and attainable for every woman, from every walk of life.”
 ~ Mubarakah "Fit Muslimah" Ibrahim - Health & Happiness Coach
Over the last 20 years I have been in the health and fitness industry specializing on helping women look good and feel great. I have owned a success fitness studio for women and have helped thousands of women successfully navigate through the journey of health and fitness. When looking for a weight loss program I found that most women want three thing, they want look good and feel healthy and enjoy their lives without feeling like they are held hostage by their weight loss goals.

Though two decades of trial and error, working with clients and getting over a dozen fitness and nutrition certification and an interdisciplinary degree in exercise science, public health and psychology I’ve actually uncovered what a successful weight loss formula looks like.

The good news is it’s not as complicated as the media and marketing leads us to believe. In the age of social media and the internet, we are constantly saturated with information. A quick google search for a weight loss diet brings up 52 million links. But to make matters worse much of it can be contradictory. One site says eat whole grains and another Facebook post says stay away from bread. A popular Facebook page says juicing and being vegan is the only way to health and another says eat meat.

Marketing feeds on the hopelessness of women desperate to lose weight and too much information leads to paralysis by analysis. No wonder despite what seems like a simple formula to success weight loss escapes so many women. So what’s a girl to do?

My goal is to empower you with research based knowledge on women and weight loss to help you navigate through the sea of confusion so you can look good and feel great. It would be my honor to join you on your journey of health and fitness.
Mubarakah Ibrahim has an Interdisplnary B.S. in Exercises Science, Public Health and Psychology in addition to having acquired 13+ fitness and nutrition certifications throughout her 20 year career
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